El Paso in 400 words: January 7, 2014

Three UTEP basketball players dismissed after FBI investigation.

Just a few days before UTEP’s first appearance of the year leading to the NCAA tournament, the men’s basketball team has lost three players. An FBI investigation is ongoing due to gambling allegations.

The three players, McKenzie Moore, Jalen Ragland, and Justin Crosgile are officially out of the team and are no longer enrolled at UTEP. According to The Prospector, UTEP Coach Tim Floyd already notified the students’ families about the situation and the school’s decision.

“NCAA rules state that if any student athlete takes part in gambling on any type of sport, they are subject to an automatic one-year suspension in addition to losing a year of eligibility, since all three are upperclassmen their college careers and days as a Miner are over”The Prospector

School officials stated the players were not betting on UTEP games. No more details about the type and frequency of the gambling activity were released by federal or school officials.

El Paso (again, really?) ranked as safest city in America

El Paso did it again. For fourth year, the city has been ranked as the top safe city in the country based on crime rates. With only a few murders and several other crimes, many doubt about the methods used by CQ Press, the firm performing the study.

“These stats clearly demonstrate El Paso ‘breaks the rules’ of traditional criminology and all El Pasoans should be proud of their role in this accomplishment,” – El Paso Police Department.

America’s most wanted team, really?

El Paso’s Chihuahuas have at least one fan at every of the 50 states in the nation, or at least that’s what the PR/Marketing team for the team wants us to believe. According to a story on MILB.com, the team’s merchandise has been sold and shipped to places liek North Dakota, Hawaii and even abroad.

“Chihuahuas’ products have also been popular overseas. Residents of American Emirates, Canada, England, Germany, Japan and Mexico have all ordered Chihuahuas’ items.” – MILB.com

The team hasn’t played yet but the anticipation and attention to the team has been growing since local authorities first discussed the construction of their baseball stadium.